WanderingSalsero Returns To Blogger

Wandering Salsero Returns To Blogger

If Google and YouTube weren't such ass holes I would be back in my original Gmail account, "wanderingsalsero". But, since Google and YouTube are such a bunch of dickheads and they (1) won't give me back my old gmail account that got hacked a few years ago nor will they (2) return to me the YouTube account I subsequently "used for many years at xpatflipper", I have no choice but to come back to this gmail account.

From another perspective though, that's not so bad. I've been using this account ("arthurtwilliamsiv" for most of the videos I've been accumulating since I've been in Colombia and this blog will mostly be about what a fascinating city Medellin, Colombia is. I've been here since July 6th of this year and I wish I would have come here originally when I came to Colombia (this second time) back in January of 2015.

Also, since the rapture is coming on September 21st (2017) and it's questionable how much content I'll be generating in the remaining 6 weeks I have here in Medellin..... this new home for my blog will probably be adequate.

After the Rapture and all the Christians are gone, it's most likely that we'll all be considered weirdos anyway and the NWO will label us all as devil worshippers who simply were sucked into the evil cosmos that we deserved as just punishment for standing in the way of the evolution of mankind.

So once again, I'm back to blogging just for the enjoyment and expression of the moment.

That suits me just fine.